Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Again

Workshop with Caridad Pineiro, L.A. Banks, A.C. Arthur, Kimberly Kaye Terry and Megan Hart.
The Allure Authors Reception/Signing Am I the only one who goes away, either business or vacation, and can't wait to get home? RT Convention was fabulous, my first year as a published author so it was really exciting. One thing that meant a lot was to be able to put something in the Changeling Press basket as an author. Met lots of readers and authors. Chatted, networked and attended workshops. And the parties--especially the Ellora's Cave night--Cavemen were HOT! And I don't have to tell anyone how great the Mr. Romance contest was right? I met some friends from last year and caught up on what they're doing. One won Bobbi Smith's Creative Challenge contest for those who attended the advanced writing classes. She'll have her synopsis and a chapter sent to a NY agent with an eye towards representation.
I took my laptop with the hopes of getting some editing done, perhaps read a little and do some crits for my groups. Maybe even write a couple thousand words.
Nada. Zip. Nothing. Each night I fell into bed so exhausted it was unbelievable. Had a great time and wouldn't trade it for the world. But it brings me back to my original question...
How long before you long to be home again?


  1. I think, for me, it's an issue of what you consider home. Since I am a nomad, wherever my hubby is, that's home. But if we are visiting family, there are degrees to that as well. If am with my family, I want to be back in my own space after two weeks, and if I'm with his family, well, a week doesn't seem long enough. If I'm just out and about, well, I'm a cavedweller and never venture further than my five mile radius, lol. I'm not much help here, am I? Wow, you got to meet L.A. Banks! Awesome, and keep on writing, dear! Next year, you will be one of the panel people.

  2. That trip sounds awesome. I'm saving for a disney trip but once that's done I'll be saving for a convention.
    I recently went to Jamica without the kids and after four days I was ready to come home. I think I missed them more than they missed me. LOL. If they were with me I think a 7-10 days max. I like to have my own bed.

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments guys. I tend to be a cave dweller too. Would never go out if my sisters didn't make me LOL. Jamaica is lovely for relaxing but four days was enough for me when I visited.